The one God loved the best,

The apple of His eye.

And yet, when prompted, God agrees

To take it all away.


Did Job roll over, kiss the floor, and say

“God is still on the throne”?



He reached his fist to heaven, and nearly cursed

The Holy Name.


“How could you, how could you, how could you?

Are you even there?

Show your face.”


Job’s friends, those good church-going types,

All warned him.

“Don’t speak of God in this way”.


“He must have a plan,

It’s not yours to know.

You’re making us uncomfortable in your pain.”


Job, more intimate with God than these church goers

Could hope to know,

Still rages,

cries out,

Demands an explanation for his shame.


“But, how could you not trust in the will of the divine?”

These so-called friends chirp from the sidelines.


Get down on the dung pile with your suffering friend,

You jerks.

Still looking for a reason,

They appear so blind.


A peek behind the scenes, however,

And we the reader know –

There is no reason.

Just a test.


Of faith.


Faith in what?

Good behavior begets good reward?

Obviously not.


Job’s anger is so intimate,

As if he’s been betrayed.


And who is God pleased with at the end of the day?

Not Job’s friends.


But their words were nice.


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