You, there.

Yes, you,





Do not be afraid.

I have a message for you.


God is in your body


gaining shape,


Fingers and toes soon now.



pregnant woman,

now what kind of super food


would you begin to make?


For God,

Is there.

Sharing in everything you take.


I once saw Jesus in the sky.

Not a wishful thought,

or a trick of a sleepy mind.


There, right there, taking shape.

Ten fingers, ten toes.


As above, so below.


My friend Jeff was there

with me.

The blades of grass were radiating

all this light,

we had never seen



Now I can’t unsee it.


This world is screaming,

Even the rocks cry out,

About your glory.


On that first day,

when I started to really see

God everywhere,

in everything.


I also finally saw Mary

In me.


Pregnant with the divine.

But she knew it.

Whereas I did not,

for nearly all my life.


I was taught to think this way,

You know.


Original sin.

Man’s fall from grace.

But really,

woman’s fall.


She just took man with her.


And so I was told

only the Virgin Queen,

Could house God


in her body



Purity for women.

Bravery for men.


Even Joseph,

Magnanimous for not having stoned Mary outright.

A hero for marrying her.


Why is a woman unto herself

So threatening?


I have a hunch.



it’s original meaning

Suggests a woman

Who is not owned.


By any man,

or system.


Belonging to no one but herself.


So, is this how we give birth

to God?


First, by claiming our Self?




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